Hey lovely, I'm Paige!

I'm a Melbourne-based strengths coach, speaker and meditation teacher, and I am on a mission to empower and inspire teachers and educators to live a more mindful and purposeful life through unlocking and unleashing their strengths, and to live in The Eudaimonia Way.

I firmly believe that the world would be a much more magical place if everyone knew their natural talents and strengths, and are able to use them practically in their everyday lives. I live by the power of the CliftonStrengths assessment tool, and utilise in my coaching programs to support teachers to show up in their personal and professional lives knowing and using their unique set of strengths.

Get to know Paige!

Hey there, lovely soul!

Hello lovely, I am Paige, and it's such an honour to have you in this little corner of the world!
I am a strengths coach and meditation teacher based in Melbourne, Australia, and it is my mission to serve you with both in-person and online meditation and strengths-based coaching programs that will empower you to live out the flourishing life that you were always meant to live.

I work with and support teachers and educators who are seeking to live a life that is fulfilling and purposeful. Meditation has allowed me to understand myself deeper than ever before. It’s my aim to illuminate that pathway forward for you, to help you dig deep and uncover your natural strengths and talents, so as to help you show up as your best self, both personally and professionally! As a coach, I guide you to do the inner work within yourself so you can flourish in your life.

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