Life Coaching – What Is It & Who Needs It?

Life coaching. What even is that? What does a life coach do? Who needs a life coach? Yes, yes, yes, I hear you asking all these questions. Don’t you worry, I was once you not too long ago and was asking the very same questions!

In this very first blog post of mine, I thought there was no better time to try and help answer these questions that you may have in relation to life coaching and help clarify some of the misconceptions that are lying around.

So what is life coaching?

Life coaching draws upon a whole range of techniques from different disciplines such as psychology, sociology, social work, personal development and career development to help people create change in their lives. The main objective of life coaching is to help move people from where they are, to where they really want to be.

Life coaching is primarily built upon a relationship between coach and client, and it’s a lovely mix of motivation, education and accountability, to help people make changes that improve their lives. Good and effective life coaching helps people uncover what is truly important to them, and setting goals along the way with a plan that sees them move towards the change that they desire.

HOWEVER, it’s also so important to take note of what life coaching isn’t!

Life coaching is not the same as counselling. Life coaching looks from someone’s present to their future, and does not involve looking back over your life history to discover why you are in your present situation, as counselling often does.

Life coaching is also not the same as consulting. Consultants are hired to give expert advice, often teaching and telling people exactly what to do and when to do it. Life coaches believe that people have within themselves the answers that they need to move forward and live the life that they truly desire.

Who should work with a life coach?

Anyone who is feeling a call to shift from where they currently are to bigger and better things that they desire! Some of the common things that people choose to work with coaches on include:

  • Gaining clarity on their life direction
  • Uncovering their strengths
  • Improving their self-confidence
  • Creating lasting self-care routines
  • Improving their health and wellbeing
  • Moving confidently through significant life transitions

This is by no means an exhaustive list of things that life coaches can support people with. There are so many goals that people strive for, and the right life coach will be able to support and hold space for you to achieve those goals.

I know that 2020 has been a bit of a shitshow for many of us, but if you are feeling like making a shift in your life for the remainder of 2020, and to step out and shine as the real you, I would love to support you, lovely one. As a coach, I support teachers and young women to embrace the real them, to take ownership of their stories, and to believe in themselves wholeheartedly, that deserve to put themselves first and kick their goals in the butt!

If you’re curious to find out how life coaching can help you, please connect with me via my ‘Connect’ page, or get in touch with me via email at!

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