Hello, beautiful soul!

I am Paige, and it’s so lovely to have you in this corner of mine! I live, work and play on Wurundjeri land (Melbourne, Australia). Growing up in Singapore, all I knew for a considerable portion of my life was to focus on academic excellence. I was fed the belief that in order to be successful, you had to excel in school, and you had to work really hard to step into a ‘good’ career and get a good job. For the longest time, life to me was a linear path. You know… That good ol’ thought process of finishing school, going to uni, get a job, get married, buy a house, work till retirement… Yeah, that story.

Having been a high school teacher for 8 years, I am no stranger to that life of routine. Working in 10-week terms at a time, definitely working longer hours than the “9-3” life that people seem to think teachers live. Burnout well and truly set in 5 years into my teaching career, and I was constantly stressed, overwhelmed and fatigued. The ever-increasing workload and expectations that are put on teachers just never seemed to end. No wonder why burnout is rampant in the education space at the moment!

I thought that changing workplaces would solve this problem for me. New school, new students, new people… Things have got to become better right?

Did this solve the problem for me?

Nah, it sure as hell didn’t. I learned pretty quickly that I had to start viewing my situation through a different lens. I had to start making decisions for myself, and I knew that the change I wanted to happen was only going to happen by me consciously making decisions for myself, and to set boundaries in place to support my wellbeing.

The magic that can happen in our lives truly starts with us.

It might happen outside of our comfort zones, but it always starts with us making the decision to go all in on ourselves first, before we can allow ourselves to show up fully for others, whether it’s in our jobs or our personal lives. 

I embarked on my personal development and self-discovery journey and came across the coaching space, and at the same time also began to witness the benefits of a consistent meditation practice. Combining this with my own personal experience of working through burnout, I knew that I was at a turning point in my life. I found myself wanting to support other teachers and educators who are suffering silently in their jobs.

And this brings me to the work that I do today. I incorporate many positive psychology concepts into my coaching work – concepts like gratitude, optimism, mindfulness and quite possibly my favourite one of all – the focus on strengths. So often, we can spend so much of our time and energy focused on the things that we can’t do, and the things that are not going so well in our lives. By focusing on our unique set of personal strengths, we get to deep dive into who we are, and know ourselves on a much deeper level, PLUS we get really clear on what you can bring to the table both at work and at home!

I am a firm believer in “flourishing minds lead flourishing lives”.

Both coaching and meditation have completely changed how I view the world and how I feel about myself. I’m still working through personal struggles and conditioning that I’ve had all my life, because let’s be real… This personal development work never ends! Life is full of its ups and downs, and knowing who you are and grounding into yourself and your strengths through these ups and downs are at the very core of living a flourishing life.

So through all I’ve learnt in my teaching experience, my life coaching course, and meditation teacher training, I am here to share this work with teachers and educators all around the world in both one-on-one settings and group programs, to support them to make practical shifts in their lives and their mindsets, to empower them to set firm boundaries around work, and to discover and unlock their innate strengths and talents so that they can show up as their best selves in their personal and professional lives. 

I believe that my superpower is seeing and bringing out the magic within you, helping you to find the courage to take the steps forward to make all the magic happen.  As a coach, I guide you to do the inner work within yourself so you can flourish in your life.

I’m trained in Life Coaching and Meditation & Mindfulness Teaching, and I bring a combination of these techniques into each of my offerings. I am on a mission to provide meditation and strengths-based coaching programs that empower YOU to live out a mindful and purposeful life, and to truly live in The Eudaimonia Way.

Much love,

Paige xx