Are you ready to uplevel your self?

Do you have a desire to support others in their personal development journeys?

Would you like to make your mark on this world that we live in?

Then, becoming a Beautiful You life coach might be the next best decision for you!

The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course is a six month intensive learning experience that teaches people how to become a heart centered life coach and build a thriving life coaching practice. The course has a focus on supporting new life coaches to help their clients make personal achievements in areas such as their self-development, relationships, career, creativity, finances, health and more.

  • Learning so much more about myself than I ever have before
  • I learned how to be an incredible life coach, and developed communication skills and goal setting skills, not just for my clients, but for myself as well.
  • Developed a level of self-care, self-love, and self-compassion that I’ve never had before
  • Learning how to support others in creating positive change in their lives, all while supporting their personal growth as a human being
  • A community of fellow coaches who lift me up and are leaving their mark in the world

As a proud affiliate and Beautiful You life coach, I am thrilled to be able to share these incredible offerings with you, valued at a total of $1997 for free if you sign up with my name. You will get:

  • A 12 week one-on-one coaching series with me, after you complete your studies with BYCA
  • FREE access to all upcoming online courses that are created

To claim my Beautiful You Life Coaching Course offering for FREE, it’s super important that as part of your enrolment in the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course, you carefully in the sign up process:

Enter my full name “Paige Tan” in the CODE section of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course order form.

Important Note: If you enter my name in any other area than the one instructed, (which is the code field at your enrolment stage – please see graphic below), or not at all at the exact time of your enrolment, you will not be able to receive my affiliate offerings. This is not something that can be amended at a later time and so please be careful at your sign up stage to do this as I want to be able to support you on your coaching journey!

I am more than happy to have a chat with you and share more about my experience going through the course if you are trying to decide if this is the right fit for you. Please feel free to reach out to me.

You can read all about the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course on their website.