• Paige was a warm, engaging and fun panelist and speaker at our Inspiration Day. She spoke openly and with care and diligence about the topic of dealing with stress, overwhelm and burnout with her wonderful life coach and meditation teacher lens. I would highly recommend Paige as a speaker! She brings a wonderful energy to an audience and radiates with incredible knowledge, delivered with heart and passion.

    Julie Parker Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy
  • I was feeling quite stuck in place and trying to figure out what I wanted to do next. I wanted to clarify some of the ideas and dreams swirling around in my head and make something of them. Heading into the first session, I was feeling both excited and nervous. By the end of that session, I felt much more purposeful and like I was moving towards something. Paige was supportive, encouraging and clarifying the whole way. Now that I've finished my 3-month series, I've felt like I have reignited my sense of purpose. I am continually working towards my goals, and I know what they are again.

    Katy Tucker High School Teacher
  • When I first met with Paige, I felt as though I was lacking direction. I have a wonderful life, but felt like I was consumed by the habit of the day to day and needed a kick in the butt to become more aligned. I felt comfortable and supported the whole way through. Paige has such a wonderful ability to make people feel comfortable in her presence and to help them open up. I knew I was in the right place. I found even the talking process was so amazing, as I started saying things that I hadn’t given a whole heap of consideration to in the past. In my work, I am the helper, the supporter, the cheerleader and it contributed to the belief that I could do it alone, but having someone to talk to, bounce ideas off and to encourage you forward is so powerful. The entire journey was supportive, empowering and practical. I’m more clear and driven in what I want. I am happy and know that I am on the right path, instead of always wondering if I could be doing more.

    Breeanna Janson Occupational Therapist
  • I wanted to experience being coached myself and thought it aligned nicely as my focus was on starting the life coaching course that I had signed up to over a year ago. Throughout the coaching series, I felt more aware that there were other things that needed to be addressed first for me to make this main goal of beginning my life coaching course work. The biggest change I would say I have gained from being coached is that I created more structure in my before school and after school routine which has allowed me to find time to do some of the things that I have always wanted to do for myself. It took time and was quite challenging as the coaching fell over the final weeks of term and the school holidays, but it was good to design and practice this routine throughout both settings. Paige was positive, friendly and helpful throughout our time together. Just like to say a big thank you Paige for allowing me to work with you. Having another Teacher to talk to was a bonus and I'd highly recommend you and your services to other Teachers out there!

    Pip Gueorgieff High School Teacher

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