If you could do anything – what would you do?

As your coach I’m here to guide and support you. 

I’m not here to tell you what to do or give you the answers, because you already have the answers within you.

I am here to help you dig deeper through the layers.
I am here to sit with you through your journey.
I am here to celebrate you.

You are the perfect coaching client for me if you are…

  • a wildly ambitious and driven teacher or pre-service teacher.
  • feeling burnout creeping into your teaching life.
  • ready to live a more calm and balanced life.
  • someone who puts limits on your worth without even realising it.
  • feeling bogged down by the pressure of teaching today.
  • questioning whether you can see yourself teaching long term.
  • ready to learn strategies to put yourself first and structure your day to allow you to be your most productive self.
  • willing to work through your limiting beliefs about worthiness and people-pleasing.
  • ready to reconnect with yourself, your values and your strengths so that you can show up as your best self in your role.

Perhaps you have been living your life, day to day, surviving, but not thriving. You’ve been asking yourself, “Is this really it?”

Or maybe, just maybe, you know that deep down in your heart, you know what it is you want exactly for your life, but you have stuck to your comfort zone for years and stuck to what you’re familiar with.

Are you reading this and nodding along?

The fact that you’ve made it to this point, tells me that you are quite ready to become the best version of you and start living a life that you truly love. 

Are you ready for something more meaningful? What if I told you that all of this is completely achievable?

You’re ready for a meaningful life, and balance in your life to live, work, rest and play.  You’re ready to let go of the ‘shoulds’ and all the people-pleasing and finally be at peace with your own version of success.

What it’s like to work with me:

                                I will help you find that self-confidence in you and have you believing in yourself more than ever before.

                                           I will support you to take the courageous steps forward to create a life on your own terms.

                                                                       I will help you align to your heart’s big vision to create a life you love.

                   I will hold space for all your dreams and empower you to be the best version of yourself possible, and to follow those dreams!

                                                   Through soulful chats, loving support and empowered action, I’m here to show you that                                                                                        you have the power and light within you, and those dreams you have inside of you are all yours to follow.

                                                                                       You will gain a new cheerleader in your corner for life. 

How we can work together:

The Flourishing Teacher
Group Coaching Program

A 12-week online group coaching program,
created by a teacher for teachers,
that provides you with the knowledge,
strategies and support to help you ditch the burnout
and set yourself up with sustainable practices
going forward in your teaching life.

Think personal development for teachers!

The Flourish Package

A 3-month coaching series to help you rediscover yourself, 
ditch the burnout and intentionally map out the life 
that feels more meaningful to you.

It’s time to chase your dreams and finally be happy, 
while living the most balanced life you’ve ever lived. 
It’s time to live the life you deserve!

The Confidence Kickstarter

 90 minutes of guidance designed to help you connect the dots in your life and to kickstart you into empowered action.

The Thrive Package For Teens

A 3- month coaching series to help you find your self-confidence, your self-belief and you will walk out of this series with skills that will help you thrive in your life! 

Why work with me as your coach?

 I get it.

I’ve lived and survived through the many transitions in my twenties. I’m in my late twenties now, and heading into my thirties in less than two years (!!!).
As a high-achieving individual who moved overseas practically alone at the age of 17, and also graduated with a Masters in Teaching (Secondary) at the age of 22, and then pivoting into the world of life coaching, I know too well of all the emotions that come along with stepping outside of your comfort zone and making huge changes in life. I also know the effects that burnout has on one’s mental health and do not recommend that for you!
I used to be my own worst enemy (wait… Who am I kidding. I still am to this day.) HOWEVER, I let go of the fear, the comparison and the people-pleasing that used to control my life. I listened to my heart and focused on my strengths and the value that I hope to bring to people, and have never felt more purposeful that I do right now. Now I help teachers and women just like you to bravely pave your way towards your own meaningful and balanced life, and to do so in a way that is filled with compassion and soul as you enjoy the entire journey.
Life is way too short to be living your life being unfulfilled and stressing unnecessarily over work and all the other things you’ve got going on in your life. You would be surprised at how much life can shift when you start to believe in yourself, and start to empower yourself.