What if I told you that work-life balance as a teacher is actually achievable?

Ditching teacher burnout... absolutely possible!

Hey lovely teacher, I see you.

You are a wildly ambitious and driven teacher.


You give your absolute all into being the very best educator you possibly can be, but that never-ending to-do list is always there on the forefront of your mind.


You find yourself working all through the day and late into the night planning and marking.


You are dedicated to your job and your students.


You know that you are doing exactly what you have been put in this world to do.


But recently you have started feeling like it's getting difficult.


I understand you, I get it.

hands up if...

* you have felt guilty for putting work aside during outside-of-teaching hours


* you always feel like you're doing things for others and not for yourself


* you don't have enough energy to do things outside of teaching


* you are swamped by the workload and don't have the time for any form of self-care


* you’re tired of doubting yourself and what you've got to offer


* you constantly wonder if you are good enough


* you're feeling burnout creeping into your teaching life


* you feel overwhelmed from the pressures and expectations from the system


* you have been living your life, day to day, surviving, but not thriving


* you've been asking yourself, "Is this really it?"



Lovely, I've been exactly where you are.

I got to the point in my career where I felt stressed and overwhelmed and wasn’t being as productive as I could be.


My to-do list was overflowing and seemed to be never-ending, adding to the feeling of never ending pressure and failure to do the best work that I could and that knowing that I wasn't making the impact I knew I could.


On top of that, I wasn’t taking any time out for myself and was pushing my body to its limits because I didn’t have time.


I see so many teachers get stuck in this vicious thought cycle time after time.


And, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't need to be this difficult!


All you really need is support from someone who understands exactly what you're going through and can share with you ways to implement strategies to help you cultivate that balance that I know you so badly want.

This is exactly why I have created "The Flourishing Teacher"

The Flourishing Teacher is a 6-week group coaching program that provides you with the knowledge, strategies and support to help you ditch the burnout and set yourself up with sustainable practices going forward in your teaching life.


Think personal development for teachers! In The Flourishing Teacher, I support you through shifting your mindset to avoid burnout, all while achieving balance and learning how to truly love yourself so that you can achieve your goals, reach your full potential and live a life truly from the heart in order to flourish. 


This program is all about YOU as a person first, and a teacher second. You are deserving of love and compassion from yourself. The Flourishing Teacher is going to help you reconnect with the very reason why you decided to become a teacher and how you can wake up every single day feeling inspired and loving exactly where you are at, without all the overwhelm and exhaustion.

Hey, I'm Paige!

I am Paige, and it’s so lovely to have you in this corner of mine!


I am on a mission to help support teachers like you to live your

absolute best life and to flourish in the way that you were born to.
I work with and support motivated spirits just like yours
that seek to live a life that is fulfilling. 


I believe that my superpower is seeing and bringing out the magic

within you, helping you to find balance in your life and the courage to

take the steps forward to make all the magic happen.


The reason why my work is effective? It's because I've been there -

being a teacher who was overworked and overwhelmed

and not having time for myself at all.


It is my mission to illuminate and shine a spotlight on that pathway forward for you, to help you dig deep and cultivate the self-love, self-confidence, self-compassion and balance that you want so badly…


As a coach, I guide you to do the inner work within yourself

so you can truly flourish in your life.


> You will approach your personal life and your teaching life with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement.

> You are confident in who you are and what you bring to this world.

> You wake up happy and feel good about yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

> You have shifted your limiting beliefs to an empowering mindset and have freed yourself from self-doubt.

> You are implementing boundaries that you confidently apply to your life outside of teaching.

> You are consistently spending time on your passions outside of teaching and you are free of guilt.

> You know how to productively structure your days and weeks so that you are able to effectively use the time that you have.

> You can see the road ahead of you and know that you have equipped yourself with the tools to create the life that you want.

> You are living mindfully and with self-compassion every single day of your life.


What you get in "The Flourishing Teacher":

> 6 x weekly module trainings to equip you with strategies that help you create balance in your life. You can access these trainings at any time after they get released.


> 6 x weekly live calls. This is time for you to carve out in your week where you get to focus on you without any guilt! These calls will also be recorded so you will have access to them if you are unable to make each call.


> Workbooks filled with activities and reflection prompts related to the content covered


> A private Facebook group where you will access all the course content and get support from myself and the other participants.


> A Welcome Call before the first module is released to connect as a group and get to know one another

Your Investment



payment in full

*  6 x module trainings


*  6 x module workbooks to help implement all learnings


*  6 x live Q&A calls


*  A private Facebook group with community support from Paige and other amazing teachers just like you


*  Lifetime access to future "The Flourishing Teacher" programs


*  Welcome call


*  1 x 1 hour 1:1 coaching session with Paige for the first 3 people who sign up!


$555 AUD

payment plan - monthly

*  6 x module trainings


*  6 x module workbooks to help implement all learnings


*  6 x live Q&A calls


*  A private Facebook group with community support from Paige and other amazing teachers just like you


*  Lifetime access to future "The Flourishing Teacher" programs


*  Welcome call


* 1 x 1 hour 1:1 coaching session with Paige for the first 3 people who sign up!


3 x $200 aud

What does the program cover?

Module 1: Life Stocktake + Limiting beliefs

The first module is all about taking stock of where you are in your teaching life right now and what has gone on thus far that's brought you here. You will also work through the "Wheel of Life" activity to create a visual of where you are at in terms of various areas of your life. 


We also dive straight into acknowledging the limiting beliefs that creep in and get in the way of our identities as teachers. We begin to explore the reasons behind these limiting beliefs. From there, we start shifting them to more positive ones that will set us up to create a more productive and balanced life.

Module 2: Self-confidence +
discovering your strengths

In this module, we explore the theme of imposter syndrome and that feeling of questioning yourself and your abilities. Familiar with that self-doubt that creeps in and takes over, especially with the never-ending changes that seem to come with the job? You know that one I'm talking about.


We are going to be discovering and unlocking our strengths as teachers, and use them to embrace growth and development, both personally and professionally!



Module 3: Perfectionism + People pleasing

Module 3 takes us on a journey to visit the deadly combo of perfectionism and people pleasing, which I know that so many of us teachers relate to. These two things can get in the way of us and cause stress, overwhelm and unproductivity.


By the end of this module, you will be able to identify situations where your perfectionistic tendencies and people-pleasing ways arise and how they impact you. We also explore strategies to help manage these situations.

Module 4: Optimum Organisation & Flow

This module will have us looking at how to best plan our days, weeks, months and terms, so as to prioritise the must-dos and to help kick procrastination in the bum!


We will also share strategies that work with one another, and discuss the importance of self-care and taking time out for yourself to do activities that get you in flow.

Module 5: Self-Compassion + Mindfulness

As humans, our brains are wired for survival and naturally have a negativity bias, to focus on and be motivated by negative thought patterns like pain and danger. How often does our inner critic make an appearance in our lives and impact our lives as humans and teachers?


This module is going to help you understand and transform these habitual responses, and develop the ability to motivate with self-compassion rather than self-criticism. We also explore some ways of being mindful in our day-to-day lives, that only require a couple of minutes of our day!

Module 6: Celebrating the New You

  • Our final week together will be future-focused and we will round up the entire program by reviewing everything you have learned right up to this point. We will be celebrating you and all the growth that you've made individually and as a group, and you will walk out of the program feeling equipped with everything that you need to embrace your love for teaching, well into the future. 


    It's all about you and your achievements and growth in this final week!




When do we start and finish?

We officially kick off on Thursday 7th October 2021, where we will have our welcome call and Module 1 will be released on Sunday 10th Oct 2021. We will have our very first live group call on Thursday 14th Oct 2021.  The release of the modules and the live Q&A calls will then happen on the next five Sundays and Thursdays.


We will officially round up the program on Thursday 18th Nov 2021 with our closing/celebration live call!

what happens on the live calls?

The Q&A calls are the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions about anything that came up for you while working through that module and to also dive deeper into any area that you may need support with. Another benefit of the live calls is that you get to listen to and learn from the others' experiences, and more often than not, this is where the most learning takes place!


I want to assure you that this is a completely safe space. I know it might be scary to share personal challenges and experiences with others, but please know that you will be fully supported by everyone in the group. As I'm sure we always tell our students that there are no 'stupid' questions, it is the exact same here! There is no right or wrong, and everyone is on their own journey and paths.

What if I can't make the live calls?

No problem at all! All group calls are recorded and uploaded to the private Facebook group for you to access within 24 hours of the call. You will also be given the opportunity to ask any questions that you have in the lead up to each call, so you won't miss a thing!

if i miss this round of the program, when does the next round start?

The next round of The Flourishing Teacher is going to run in the first half of 2022.


Having said that, as this is the pilot round of the program, this will be the lowest investment that you can make in this program ever! The next time this program runs, the investment will increase!


Currently, this is the lowest investment way that we can work together. I promise to show up FULLY for you and to support you and cheer you on loudly throughout the entire journey.

This is the first time I've ever done something like this... I'm a bit nervous and scared?

Firstly, please know that it is completely normal to feel like that when you are facing something new! You’ve landed here for a reason. The nerves are often your cue that growth is coming and fear is the first sign of that! You will know within yourself if this is something for you – you might feel tingly sensations when you read over the course, or you may just feel a really strong knowing that you need to do this.


I would encourage you to check in with those thoughts coming up in your head “I don’t have the money”, “I don’t have time for it”, “I don’t really even need it” – they could be the truth, or they could also be your fears distracting you and keeping you from the power and positive change that you know is waiting for you on the other side of this journey.

If I enrol on a payment plan, when is the next payment due?

You will pay the first instalment when you enrol, then the second instalment payment is automatically debited exactly one month from the day that you enrolled. Same with the third instalment - it will be charged exactly one month after that.

If you have any other questions at all about The Flourishing Teacher,

please feel free to send an email to hello@paigetan.com and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Still Umm-ing and Ahh-ing?

You are probably thinking "I'm afraid of investing in myself", or "Am I ready for this?". Chances are that the thought of joining a program like that is causing a whole heap of anxiety and fear.


Let me tell you... I thought the exact same way the very first time I thought about investing in a group coaching program, with me closing the tab and re-opening it and closing it again and re-opening it... You get the idea.


I want you to know that it's totally normal. It's completely okay to feel some fear. Truth be told - taking steps to change our life and shift our mindset is bloody scary! Change isn't a small thing to sweep under the rug!


I had tried time and time again to consistently implement mindfulness strategies, and trying to find the best way to structure my days in teaching and outside of teaching.


I knew that I wanted to work on managing my perfectionistic tendencies and my people-pleasing ways. There are so many ways out there to go about developing one's self personally.


But what made me take the plunge? It was me knowing that I could not do it alone (trust me... I tried. So many times, but it clearly wasn't working.)


That balanced life you dream of for yourself, even if you're not completely sure what it looks like right now. That life - it is 100% possible for you to live out!


If you want to:

- get out of that vicious cycle of self-doubt

- cultivate positive teacher wellbeing

- free yourself from the limiting thoughts that seem to follow you everywhere

- ditch that teacher burnout (it seriously exists) OR if you're not quite there yet, implement strategies to prevent you from getting there...


The Flourishing Teacher is going to help you achieve all of that and more. I am here to support you fully through this journey.


I truly hope to see you in the program and let's do this thing together!

join 'the flourishing teacher'!

cart closes in


payment in full

*  6 x module trainings


*  6 x module workbooks to help implement all learnings


*  6 x live Q&A calls


*  A private Facebook group with community support from Paige and other amazing teachers just like you


*  Lifetime access to future "The Flourishing Teacher" programs


*  Welcome call


  • * 1 x 60 minute 1-1 coaching call for the first 3 signups



$555 AUD

payment plan - Fortnightly

*  6 x module trainings


*  6 x module workbooks to help implement all learnings


*  6 x live Q&A calls


*  A private Facebook group with community support from Paige and other amazing teachers just like you


*  Lifetime access to future "The Flourishing Teacher" programs


*  Welcome call


  • * 1 x 60 minute 1-1 coaching call for the first 3 signups



3 x $200 aud